Is Ambit a Scam?

I will be honest, that was my first question.

I am a retired police officer, I am used to gathering evidence and making a decision. Let’s look at the fact and decide.

The founder of Ambit Energy is Jere Thompson, he is the grandson of the guy who started the 7/11 franchise. It is extremely unlikely that he woke up one day and said “hey I want to start a scam”€, but that is not exactly evidence.

Next I turned to the internet.Caution is extremely important here. On the internet you can find websites that claim that man never landed on the moon, that 9/11 was fake, that Earth is ruled by a host of secret groups to include a race of lizard people.You can also find a ton of sites that proport to be consumer protection sites.These sites make their money on negative reviews. You can find negative review sites for Walmart, Ford, Apple, and Microsoft.The internet has no restrictions, anyone can post anything. Ambit Energy is the largest direct seller of energy on the planet.They have a lot of angry competitors with web access and with more than a million customers, there will be some crazy people in that group.Ironically when you find a negative post about Ambit, it almost always follows this pattern.The customer left Ambit and their rate went up.Well duh, that is exactly the point. Ambit is cheaper than the competition, your rate is supposed to go up when you leave them.

So where could I find unbiased reviews of Ambit Energy and determine if Ambit really is a scam?I turned to JD Power, the most trusted customer satisfaction survey company on Earth.The company conducts survey of customer satisfaction, product quality, and buyer behavior for industries ranging from cars to marketing and advertising firms.It doesn’t get any more independent than JD Power. Guess what I found, Ambit Energy had won numerous awards for customer satisfaction from JD Power.

Next I looked to consumer protection giant and industry standard The Better Business Bureau.Ambit Energy has an “A+” rating with the BBB. Scams don’t get an “A+”€ rating with the BBB, that is just not possible

The clincher for me was the cover of INC 500 magazine, as the fastest growing privately held company in America.INC magazine does not put scams on the cover of their magazine.They are a very well known business periodical with a stellar reputation.Their reputation would be ruined if they ever put a scam on the cover of their magazine.

The reality is that with more than 1 million customers and a lot of competitors, people are going to say bad things about Ambit.People also say bad things about America, every religion, and every sports team. People will complain about anything.Ambit Energy is a company that has grown from zero to become the biggest direct seller of energy on the planet by word of mouth.How is that for a successful model?

I love when people ask me if Ambit energy is a scam.It is hard to hold back the smile before I start talking.