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Once I figured out that I was going to be a customer of Ambit Energy, the next thing I needed to decide was if I should do Ambit as a business or not.

There are now more that 250,000 Ambit Energy Consultants, and the company is now bringing in more than 1.5 billion dollars in annual revenue. So what did these people all see that made them get involved with Ambit?

There were a few factors that helped me make up my mind.

The market is HUGE

The market is literally every adult who pays a gas or electric bill in our covered areas.You can just walk down the street and offer the service to everyone that you pass.That is a very powerful statement.

Ambit Energy is a service not a product. It is a service that saves people money on a commodity that they all purchase every month.Everyone already buys gas and electricity.You do not need to convince them to give electricity or natural gas a try.

I looked at a lot of other MLM type businesses and they all had one fatal flaw in my opinion.For me to succeed in any of those businesses, I would have to convince people that my lotion, energy drink, essential oil, cosmetic, or other product was better than what they were already buying at Walmart.It doesn’t matter if you are looking at Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, New Skin, or any of the hundreds of other MLM style business, you still have to push a product.With Ambit, the product is already attached to their house.It’s not like I have to worry about shipping costs.

The other flaw to all of these other MLM business models is that their product tends to take a hit during times of recession.When people are struggling the first thing they ditch are the expensive lotions, and pills.On the other hand, I have personally witnessed my very own tenants getting evicted for not paying rent, while they are still paying their gas and electric bills. So I’m pretty sure that I have stumbled upon a recession proof business.

Ambit Energy is only available in 17 states, but you can open your business in a non-deregulated state and here is how

How does ambit work?

Ambit energy was born out of the energy deregulation movement that is still unfolding across the Untied States

In a deregulated environment, the three steps in the commodity purchasing, transmission and distribution system are unlinked. Now, you have producers, transmitters (the powerline systems) and retail energy suppliers (who sells you power). Electricity providers, like Ambit Energy, now buy electricity from producers, pay a fee to the transmitters so they can use the lines, and bill it all to consumers who can choose the provider they want.

Retail energy providers are responsible for setting competitive rates and plans, providing good customer service, and differentiating themselves from competitors to remain in business. Energy producers have to keep costs low and innovate because providers can buy energy from many different sources—wind farms, solar farms, natural gas plants. They can buy green energy for environmentally conscious customers, even if they have to charge a little more for it. But, that’s all part of the power of choice.

And, finally, the transmission lines stay regulated because there is no need for the infrastructure to be duplicated. All of the electricity comes in from different providers, goes out to consumers as needed, and, in most cases, is billed by retail energy providers, who include required fees to cover transmission costs. But, no matter what provider handles the electricity, it’s all the same, so it can be transmitted with the same equipment.

Watch our founder explain how Ambit formed a partnership with Shell Energy to bring savings to more than a million customers and climbing.

How we get paid: This powerful video take 15 minutes to watch, and for some it will be the start of a brand-new life, free from silly thinks like bosses and time clocks.

Sign up now and start earning.You only get so much time on this earth, wouldn’t you like to enjoy that time with your family and friends?If you answered yes, then I want to welcome you to the Ambit Family.

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I can sum this business up in a few seconds.Everyone pays for gas and electricity and we are cheaper.Let that sink in for a second.The cool part is that I get paid to help them save money on a bill that is habitually used and unconsciously purchased.