Ambit Energy Review

This page is about me and about my journey. I am an Independent Ambit Energy Consultant but wasn’t born this way.I was once a skeptic like many of you.

The big question is how did I get here?

This all started when my friend Margaret came to me as a real estate investor and she told me that she wanted to sell her 40 properties.  I have known Margaret for years and years.  I was stunned by her desire to sell her real estate portfolio.  I know exactly what Margaret is in real estate.  She has an adult special needs son who she adores, and she uses the proceeds from her real estate holdings to pay for his care.  So in my mind, what Margaret was telling me was insane.  There was no way that her son could get the care he needs without that income.

I am happy to report that my first impression was wrong. Not only could Margaret replace her income from 40 rental units, she had in fact already done so. In just two short years of being an Ambit Energy consultant she had created a second stream of income that made her primary business mute, because this energy thing she was doing was 100% passive income.  I know right there and then that I had to look into this Ambit Energy thing.

What research did I do?

A lot, but I will summarize that for you on this page.

What conclusions did I draw before I decided to jump into the world of Ambit Energy?

I like to think that I am a normal guy. I am a husband with a beautiful wife and a father with two wonderful children who I adore. I am from the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but I have traveled around a bit.I have been to 47 states and 37 foreign countries so far. I am a Gulf War veteran, and former US Marine Military policeman. I am also a retired Federal Air Marshal. September 11th was a big day for me.I have always had a passion for protecting people. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, I suspected that I would live out my days walking among the public without them ever knowing I was protecting them. A funny thing happened on the way to that future. In 2012, I broke my neck, and the Department of Homeland Security decided that I was no longer a functional part of the machine. So I needed to find something to do. I am not one of those people who can take time off. I was a workaholic without a job. Soon I soon discovered that I have a talent for real estate investing. I am the President of the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association. It is through that lens, as a real estate investor that I first discovered Ambit Energy. I was a landlord looking for a better way to attract and retain tenants.

When I first heard the Ambit Vision Statement, To become the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America, it sure sounded nice, but what was behind that statement. Anyone can say nice words, but could Ambit really back it up.

Could Ambit Energy save me money. I broke this question down into two parts.

Could I trust Ambit Energy? I examined this question on another page Is Ambit a Scam?

Would they cost me less?

Why are more than 1,000,000 people customers of Ambit Energy?

Find out the details of being an Ambit Energy Customer: Customer page

Could I make money with Ambit Energy.

What is the core of this business?

This part is super simple.Everyone that I know uses gas and electricity and Ambit is cheaper.

Can I do this business?

Once I realized that there is no selling with Ambit, there is no door knocking, and there is no cold calling, then I was sure that I could do this.The secret to building a business with Ambit energy is that you just add one tiny little bit of dialogue to all of your conversations. You ask if people want to pay more or less on a bill that they are going to pay anyway. You do not have to convince someone to try electricity unless they are Amish. Then you just need to compare rates with them.If they are interested in the business, then you just need to send them a video presentation or invite them to a live business presentations. This is as far from rocket science as any business I have ever seen. Most of us actually have to work for a living, but Ambit changes that.

Can it be duplicated?

There is really only one basic skill set to make money with Ambit energy. The ability to talk to people.

Can you ask the following questions.

Do you pay the gas or electric bill?

Would you like to pay less?

Would you like to make money asking people those same two questions?

If you can do all of that you can make money like I do.It really is that freakin simple.

I went a lot further into this investigation follow this link to see more: Is Ambit a Scam?

I wanted to learn more about the business side of Ambit Energy. I assembled more info on the business, to see if it was for me. Follow my link to see if Ambit is right for you: Starting a Business

Ambit Energy even works in Japan, and if you happen to know anyone in Japan then you are looking at a once in a lifetime opportunity to make money like never before.